Network Meeting Maidenhead Henley

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Network Meeting Maidenhead Henley

10-12 Business Club Network Meetings

The 10-12 Business Club Network Meeting for Maidenhead Henley meet on the last Wednesday of each month a The Olde Bell Hurley on the road from Burchetts Green to Henley from 10am to 12 noon.

This is an established group and is very popular so it is always advisable to book your meeting well in advance if you are planning to attend the Network Meeting.  The maximum number at our meetings is 25 and this group often reaches this number of attendees. Early booking is advisable.

The 10-12 Business Club does not restrict membership to any professions and we do not lock down membership to one of each profession. We believe that people buy from people so there is no need to have only one of each profession. In fact our members often collaborate and network with business owners of similar professions. So book online to come try the Maidenhead Henley Networking group at the Old Bell in Hurley, Berkshire.

You can book your place online using the form below and select visitor option if this is your first time or Member option if you are a pay as you go member. All full members will automatically be booked on each month.

Marion Connah Virtual PA

Thanks for another wonderful meeting Karen.  I am often reminded of what a great group 10-12 is when I hear of people saying that they don’t enjoy their network group, that the women are very cliquey etc, as I have again this morning.  With 10-12 you seem to have got it all right
– the venues are lovely, the welcome is warm and friendly and inclusive, and the women are just lovely.  And I have found 2, possibly 3 clients directly from one or other of the groups – on Friday I had barely got through the door when I had two separate people come to me to ask about my services as they/somebody they know needs a VA!

Please keep up the good work!

Marion Connah Virtual PA Innervation September 28, 2015