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Afternoon Tea Inspirational Speaker

Dear Issy and Karen

I wanted to add an extra huge thanks for the fabulous job you both do to make the 10-12 Business Club such a thriving and enjoyable networking experience. I've loved getting to know you and appreciate the support and tips to help me.

The members are very vibrant smart people, and very easy to talk to, and without them I would not be having the success that's now starting to happen.

But your drive, hard work and energy is what makes the club work so brilliantly and I wish you all the best for the remainder of 2017.

All the best for a fabulous day.



Jennifer Roach https://www.fearlessinthekitchen.co.uk/ July 27, 2017


Networking Groups in Berkshire

I Started the 10-12 Business Club as I felt that for me I needed a structured business networking environment. Whilst I love the free informal business networking groups out there, I also wanted to pay for something that I could make a commitment to each month.
I find the variety of businesses that attend the 10-12 Business Club fascinating and have found many new customers, suppliers and colleagues to collaborate with on other projects. Business networking has helped to grow both my businesses and I would not hesitate to encourage anyone to come to a meeting or get involved by running their own.

If you are interested in hosting or running a busienss network group in your area, we would love to hear from you. Find out more about hosting a business networking group here on this link.

Issy Wiggins-Turner
Wheres Your Website and Go Easy Travel

Issy Wiggins-Turner http://www.wheresyourwebsite.co.uk/ Networking Groups in Berkshire August 26, 2016

For anyone starting up a business

For anyone starting up a business I would recommend the 10-12 business club meeting, everyone is very friendly and the 10 minute sessions that are organised are very interesting and helpful. It is a structured meeting which is run well by the organisers and I have always found them educational. Keep up the good work.

Una King http://www.unaking.co.uk/ Business Network Meetings for new business owners August 26, 2016

business networking gifts

Office Christmas Lunch

Thank you so much for organising Christmas lunch today.It was great, with a lovely mix of ladies, Proseco and good food!
I am delighted with my secret Santa gift - The Daily Hunk - and my scarf - stolen twice before I finally got it!
What a great day!
Well done to you.

Sue Hill - UWDC Christmas Lunch December 18, 2015

Dorreen Gowing

10-12 Business Club really adds value

10-12 Business Club really adds value to our networking experience by creating learning experiences such as TV Presenting skill. Thank you Issy for organising this event. I look forward to the extra traffic to my website and business that comes as a result.
Doreen Gowing Hypnotherapy
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Doreen Gowing Clinical Hypnotherapist Video Presenting Skills November 23, 2015

Anat Elkarat Designer

The 10-12 business club is by far the best networking event

The 10-12 business club is by far the best networking event I have ever been to!
It is dynamic, young and extremely friendly. Every time I go I learn something new regarding my business and how to grow and maintain in, not to mention generating new leads and founding exciting collaborations. If you’ve been to these events you’ll know what I’m talking about, if not, what are you waiting for?!
Anat Elkarat
Interior Architectural Designer

Anat Elkarat Interior Architectural Designer Reading Group Bearwood Lakes November 23, 2015

Marion Connah Virtual PA

Keep up the good work

Thanks for another wonderful meeting Karen.  I am often reminded of what a great group 10-12 is when I hear of people saying that they don’t enjoy their network group, that the women are very cliquey etc, as I have again this morning.  With 10-12 you seem to have got it all right
– the venues are lovely, the welcome is warm and friendly and inclusive, and the women are just lovely.  And I have found 2, possibly 3 clients directly from one or other of the groups – on Friday I had barely got through the door when I had two separate people come to me to ask about my services as they/somebody they know needs a VA!

Please keep up the good work!

Marion Connah Virtual PA Innervation September 28, 2015

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Beginners Networking group

I joined 10-12 Business Club (Ladies at 11 as it was then) last Spring having never been to a networking group. I was very nervous and really not sure what to expect and wondering whether I should even be there. As soon as I walked in I was surprised at how friendly and welcoming all the ladies were and one in particular (Jean Wolfe) came over to speak to me and was very keen to hear about my business. The meeting was very informative and relaxed and although I was extremely nervous about standing up and giving my pitch I didn’t need to be.
Over the last year I have really grown in confidence and have gained so much knowledge from the other members of the group, not only from the 10 min talks but also the 121’s. My business has also developed and grown in this time and I have acquired new skills through this group that have helped me to really move things forward. I love the format of 10-12 Business Club. I like the fact that we have 121’s as part of the meeting, that we only have 45 seconds to deliver our pitch (it really helps to focus the mind) and that the talks are always so interesting and useful. Members of the group have commented on the difference in me over the last year. That first week I walked in nervous and apologetic and now I walk in with my head held high and happy to talk to anyone about my business, confident about who I am and the service I can offer. Thank you to all the wonderful business women of 10-12!

Helen Banthorpe – Helen Banthorpe Glass

Helen Banthorpe http://helenbanthorpestainedglass.co.uk/ Beginners Networking group August 26, 2015

Pennie Withers

Semi-structured networking

The 10 to 12 Business Club is an excellent group for meeting like-minded business people in a semi-structured networking format.  The meetings are always incredibly positive and informative.  The one to ones are an excellent way to find out a bit more about peoples’ businesses. I always come away from the meetings feeling energised and with plenty of ideas for growing my business.

Pennie Withers, Pennie Withers Photography

Pennie Withers http://photosbypennie.co.uk/ Semi-structured networking August 26, 2015

Jacky Bloomfield

Womens Networking

Womens Networking is all about getting out there and seeing what works for you. There are so many different groups and not all are the same; you just have to dip your toe in the water.
10-12 Business Club does it for me. It doesn’t matter which group you attend you will always be greeted by a friendly group of business people who want to help one another achieve their goals.
The format of the meetings, for me, is just right. I’ve gone away from each meeting with some fresh ideas, business leads, and spent an enjoyable morning with some brilliant people.
Give it a go; dip your toe in the water. You will receive a warm and friendly welcome.

Jacky Bloomfield,  M&J Bloomfield, Wildlife & Nature Photographers

Jacky Bloomfield mandjbloomfield.com Womens Networking August 26, 2015