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By joining the 10-12 Business Club you will gain access to all of our meetings which can be booked in advance online before the day of the meeting. There is no restriction on the number of meetings that you can attend, nor is there any minimum amount that you must attend. At the 10-12 Business club we have 2 meeting options as follows:

Full Membership:

This membership will benefit those that want to network their business each month either at their home group or one of our other groups. There is a joining fee of just £65 paid at the time of application, then 12 standing orders for £12.50 per monthly meeting that you would like to attend.  You select your “homegroup” and if you cannot attend for whatever reason, you just email administration and ask to move to another group to visit that month. No need to find a replacement, no loss of money and lots more networking options to consider. Membership runs from January to December with no meetings being held in the month of August.

Occasional Membership

This membership is perfect for those that want to be part of a networking group but cannot commit to attending a meeting every month. With this membership, you can just book online at the cost of £16.00 for any of our meetings. There is a joining fee of £100 for this membership payable at the time of joining.
Registered office: Sherdon House, Reading Road, Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hampshire, RG27 0EZ

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Joining Fee of £65 for FULL Membership sent by Bank Transfer

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