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Womens Networking

New Womens Network Meetings

Womens Networking group Bagshot Camberley

The 10-12 Business Club are delighted to announce a new womens business networking group that launches on the 17th of June at the Windlesham Golf Club.

This new group will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 10am to 12noon using our structured network meeting format.

The group launches in the month of June which just happens to be the visitor month for 10-12 Business Club which will allow you to try out the 10-12 format for just £10

Visit the meeting page for more information on our Camberley and Bagshot Network Group

Bagshot camberley womens networking

Karen Livingstone

Networking Events – Does size really matter?

Karen Livingstone co founder 10-12 Business club

This week co founder and owner of Little Acorn Marketing, Karen Livingstone has been looking at Networking and the size of different events. In her blog she has considered which networking works best and if we should really be bothered by size of networking events or should it really be quality of the people that you meet at the events?
Its an interesting subject and anyone that has ever networked, I am sure will have a view on which networking works best for them.

Karen says; “Over the last few years I have spent a lot of time networking in and around Berkshire. I have sampled lots of different groups from ladies only to mixed, informal just turn up style to structured and more formal. One thing I have noticed is how some people are very focused on the numbers. The assumption is that the more people attending a meeting the more successful it will be. But is this really the case? In my experience no it isn’t. (read more on Karen’s experience of networking on her Little Acorn Marketing Blog)

Please feel free to add your comments below on what you think makes a good networking event. Is it numbers that you want or is it quality contacts? Personally I would have to agree on the quality contacts as small events do allow you more time with individuals than often the larger ones. BUT the key to good networking is always staying focussed on BUSINESS and not allowing the conversation to drift into chit chat.


What is blogging now 2015

What is blogging in 2015

Have you ever wondered why people blog and when do they get the time? More so what on earth do they say?
Well there are many reasons that you should blog and one of the key ones is that “off site” optimisation makes up for 50% of your websites ranking in the search engines. If you still need help with any of these terms you may wish to consider my latest training course for 2015, Search Engine Optimisation for Beginners.
So what does that exactly mean?
Well google has its algorithm (the code it uses to search the internet) and part of that code says, “hey spiders, crawlers or robots (you pick which one you like) go check out this site and see what optimisation it has done online in its actual site, and THEN go spend the other 50% of you time checking out what it does off line! Now if you don’t do any social media or any blogging then your site only has a 50% chance of getting a good ranking. So if that’s the case what can you blog about and how do you find time to do it?

Finding time to blog

Finding time to blog is one of the hardest things for a business owner, especially if you have no idea what to write or when to write it. then again that is not true, if you were given 10 minutes with a potential customer, or even 5 minutes, you would most certainly use over 200 words to tell them all about you and your business. So it shouldn’t be that difficult?! But if you are still thinking nope can’t think of anything to write, then consider using other peoples work as inspiration.
Here is one example that I came across which made me laugh and all of a sudden so many more blogs were coming to my mind that I could write for other clients. See if anything springs to mind for you.

Quitting the service industry and 16 reasons why

My main reason for quitting the service industry would be the weekends are no longer your own and that Saturday becomes the new Monday! Hell no I hate Mondays!!!

Issy Wiggins-TurnerGuest Blog by: Issy Wiggins-Turner from Wheres Your Website

Diksha Chakravarti of Fix Me

The power of a presentation

As one of the founders for the 10-12 Business club I am often telling members on the benefits of promoting your business through presentations at our monthly meetings. However the reality for some, to stand up in front of a lot of people is a difficult prospect and that I can understand too. However today I would like to share with you an example of the power of a clear and concise presentation.

dikshaOne of our original members Diksha Chakravarti of FixMe has recently been retraining in Clinical Hypnotherapy to add as an additional treatment for her clients. Diksha shared with us some of the case studies of her patients and why she had chosen to train in this new skill. I might add this is not the first time I have heard Diksha speak and as always she was very entertaining using a funny story to share her message, but at the same time being clear and concise as to what her message was and what she was looking for us to help her in return.

As a result of her presentation, I have since recommended her to two or my own contacts that could benefit from her newly gained experience.

How long did it take for that message to stick in my head? just a 10 minute presentation by Diksha in a clear and informative manner.

Will she get any business from the presentation? Well I know she is going to be called by two people and I am sure that her follow up will be as good as her presentation.

If you want to spread the word about your business, gain new customers then consider placing your company on one of our meetings agendas and speaking at the 10-12 Business Club


no smoking signs

Essential Safety Signs All Businesses Need

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Running a company and building authority in the industry entail different factors such as keeping  employees safe and joining a club for networking. And whether it’s an office or a factory, this means reaching out to other businesses in the same sector and training people on the most important aspects of workplace safely. With a reputable business club, this can be easy. But when it comes to occupational health and safety, you have to be aware that it’s not always easy for people to remember all the rules. This is why placing safety signs at work  is part of the health and safety regulations. By having clear, well-placed signs, you can warn people of potential hazards, as well as advising them on what to do in an emergency situation.

Here are a few of the signs that are mandatory in most work environments and can help members of your team safe:

Sign for safety information

Image credit: henweb, license Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Image source:

Health and safety law posters

This A2 size poster is mandatory in business premises in the UK, and you’ll no doubt have seen it many times, perhaps, without even acknowledging it. However, it has essential information about your responsibilities, and those of your employee are, as well as what they can do if there is a problem. Display it somewhere prominent such as the lobby or the pantry to ensure it’ll get noticed.

Road signs

If you have staff and visitors driving by your site  or have work vehicles coming and going, then it’s essential to have proper signage. You should get a professional to identify hazards on your site who have the expertise to choose the right road signs. This way, accidents can be avoided such as over speeding and hazards on the road

Probationary signs

There are many things around the workplace that can put people at risk if overlooked. This is where probationary signs become  essential as they can give  clear indication of actions or practices that need to be avoided.  These signs are a round shape with a diagonal line, with a black and white pictogram to clearly show what is not permitted. These can include:

no smoking signs

This is the easiest way to communicate to people about danger without having to come up with your own signs. These warnings are suffice to inform, even going beyond language barriers.

Image credit: mag3737, license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Image source:

Mandatory signs

Mandatory signs often bright blue in colour, with a clear illustration of what needs to be done before entering  a site. These are especially popular in industrial areas where certain safety equipment needs to be worn such as:

By having a clear sign close to the entrance, you can be sure that anyone entering the site will immediately know what they need to wear to keep safe and be reminded  to follow set instructions.

Emergency signs

Nobody likes to think of an incident such as a fire or injuries occurring in the workplace, but it’s crucial to be prepared from such situations. With hundreds of deaths by fire every year, it’s  important to ensure that people know where  to go for safety if one should break out in the workplace. This is why it’s imperative to have green fire escape signs that are clear and strategically posted throughout the building.

First aid signs are also a must for emergency situations and  should be clearly marked and easily found. If your business is dealing with chemicals, see to it that there are eye wash stations and special burns kits are available and easily found as well.

By using clear, brightly coloured signs, it’s much easier to direct people around the workplace, and this will help you to prevent accidents, as well as helping your employees should any problems occur. And with proper connections and good practices, you not only secure your finances but also keep your employees and clients safe.

Thomas SmithAuthor Bio: Thomas Smith is a writer and currently works on a freelance basis for Archer Signs and Panels Ltd., specialist suppliers of safety and traffic signs to the construction industry and the public sector in the UK.

Small Business Marketing Budget

What to do with my small business marketing budget?

Dorreen Gowing hypnotherapy maidenheadI can’t say it is my waking thought. Yet, I’m sure there are those who believe it would serve me well if it was. While it’s not my favourite part of running my own business I have learnt that resisting it is indeed futile. I accept it doesn’t matter how good a product or service is if no one knows about it then no one can benefit from it. So, when I launched my business back in 2010 I set out in search of ‘what shall I do with my marketing budget?’

Networking face to face was one of the first things I did. Taking what I now consider to be good advise. ‘Don’t pay for membership of any networking group until you visit a number of them a few times.’ That’s exactly what I did, week after week.  Considering myself fortunate as I enjoy meeting new people and feel comfortable in a room full of strangers, that was not my main challenge. My challenge was, ‘what is my purpose here?’ ‘how does it work?’ and ‘how do I decide which one if any to join?’

The bottom line is, when I strip away all ‘niceties’ the purpose of networking is to help grow my business. That it works by building relationships and trust among members, getting to know each other what is special about their business. The reality is despite all the social media in the world, people buy from people. The human race is slow to evolve really. Networking for me it is about being in a space where I feel safe to share challenges, safe to share knowledge and safe to create opportunities to grow.

When I first came across 10-12 Business Club two years ago it had just launched. Energy and enthusiasm was sky high. Every seat was full at every meeting, not because we had to be there rather because we wanted to be there.

I have renewed my membership because it still meets it’s number one purpose of helping grow my business. A close second is the fact that working on my own is challenging at times there is so much I do not know. Seats are still filled because we want to be there. Each meeting I come away wiser, inspired and motivated as a wealth of experience and ideas are shared.

It may not be my waking thought but it allows me to sleep peacefully that part of my marketing budget is spent on 10-12 Business Club.

Thank you all for your support over the years.

Doreen Gowing Hypnotherapy


Red Deer Studios Designs berkshire

5 key elements to a thriving workspace

Redesign your office to make it work for you

1. Location, location, location: Choosing the right spot for your workspace is your number one priority, the place where your business can start growing. Look for a space that you feel good in, that has as much natural day light and can be used only by you. Once you find the best suited space, take its measurements and make a simple plan to see how best to accommodate all the furniture you need. Remember, nothing is set in stone, if you feel after a while that something isn’t working try a different arrangement until you nail it.

2. Are you sitting comfortably? There are two major things to consider when looking for a desk and a chair, the first is where you position them and the second is their ergonomics.
When you plan the position of your desk, ask yourself these questions: what am I facing, what is behind me and can I see who comes in and out of the space.
As for the ergonomics of the desk and chair, check size, height and comfort. Once these are sorted you can pay attention to style and colour.

3. There is never too much storage… True, but how do you store everything?
The rule states: the more you use it the more close and visible it needs to be and vice versa. Think what kind of storage is best suited for the type of item you need to store (the fewer actions you need to do the tidier the work space will be). Look for creative solutions that are easy to manage and are beautiful as well as functional.

4. Let there be light! Even the sunniest space ends up dark at the end of the day and we need to turn on the electrical lighting. A good lighting plan enables us to work on all hours and no matter what the weather is outside. Place direct lighting above working surfaces (tables, counters) and make sure you have enough overall light in the room. When you position a light check that you do not cast your own shadow on your work surface.

5. Inspiration is more important than knowledge. are you being inspired when you are in your workspace? Do you surround yourself with images and quotes that uplift you?
Make your workspace as unique and as beautiful as you!

Anat Elkarat DesignerFollow my “Workspace” board on Pinterest for more inspiration:

Call Anat 07775437270 for your FREE 1 HOUR “workspace consultation”.

Independent Retailer 2

Independent Retailer Month

Independent Retailer 2
As an independent retailer, it is often difficult to compete with the larger corporate organisations, but not impossible. It is for us to remember that we do play and important role in the local community by providing products and or services in our local area. The independent retailer site claims that for every £1 we spend locally around 50p to 70p of that money will be recirculated back into the local economy. How cool is that, to think that 50% of the money you spend locally could go straight back into your local community!

The month of July is Independent retailer month and there is lots that you can do, to get involved and promote your business. Check out their “How to get involved” section on the website and see which options will work for you.

If you don’t have retail premises but shop locally then get on their Facebook Page and promote a local business that you use and share the love!

Register your business online (click here) to get started and then tap into all the great things available from this website.

If you would like to be involved with the 10-12 Business Club and the Independent Retail Month, consider visiting or exhibiting at our Pop Up Retail event on the 25th of July at Shinfield Grange. The morning event will see up to 50 stall holders setting up to display and sell their products and services to the local community and build brand awareness.


harleyford golf club network meeting

New Venue for Marlow

After 18 months at The Danesfield House hotel, the 10-12 Business Club are moving to Harleyford Golf CLub, only a few miles closer to Marlow.  Host Karen Livingstone said “we have been holding our meetings at the Danesfield House Hotel for nearly two years and felt that now was the right time to move to a new venue. The Harleyford Golf club is passionate about local business owners and the location is just perfect by the river. We are particularly looking forward to the home baked goodies that will be served with our teas and coffees.

If you haven’t tried the 10-12 Business Club then come along to this launch meeting and bring a friend for free. Just book online as a visitor and bring a friend for free.


Fabulous Speakers and Presentations in Berkshire

This month at the 10-12 Business Club we have been treated to some fabulous speakers at each of our events. We kicked off the tail end of this month at Maidenhead with a presentation by Abi Woolhouse from Stratagem IPM on Trade Marks and Copyright. Abi covered the different types of work that could be considered under the copyright law and pointed out the pitfalls in not considering ownership of copyright. It certainly made us all think about what we do in a day to day basis in our working day. If you missed this excellent presentation, don’t worry, it was so good she will be back to do another presentation for the Marlow group in May.

jacky-bloomfield-1364382515-logo1Our Reading Meeting continued with another great presentation on the issues when using images and copyright laws. Jacky Bloomfield of M and J Bloomfield gave a great insight on how to use other peoples images and how to respect their copyright. If you need to know more about using other peoples images, then Jacky Bloomfield  is the person to contact.

Images are often shared through social media, but just make sure you know what copyright applies to that particular and comply where necessary to avoid a charge for using the image.


Alix HorneOur Marlow meeting continued the theme as we had Alix Horne of Amax Designs for her very interesting presentation on ‘The Essence of Logo Design’. Alix walked us through the process of choosing a logo and how a designer creates the logo design from the brief given. If you have never gone through the process of choosing a logo, then Alix provided some great tips and feedback on what to do and what to take into consideration.

Alix walked us through a design that she had created for a client, taking the concept of black and white into the chosen colors and eventually the final logo. A long, detailed process that provided the perfect results for the client.


erin_KurtTo top off the month Erin, Kurt of Erin, Kurt gave a great presentation “Personal Branding” on the image that you project to those that you meet including . Erin talked about the way that we displayed our personalities at networking events, online, in social media and gave some tips and pointers to consider for our own business image.

A great insight into just some of the things that a business coach can help you to achieve. For more information, contact Erin, Kurt



If you would like to present at one of the 10-12 Business club Meetings we would love to hear from you. Contact Karen Livingstone for more details on availability to present to our business groups.