Can You Run Your Business From A Sun Lounger?

Can You Run Your Business From A Sun Lounger?

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Did you know that 76% of small business owners are forced to, or choose to forgo holidays just so that they can keep their business running smoothly? Whether they don’t have the infrastructure in place to keep things going, or the confidence to leave things for a week. But while there might not feel like a good time to take a holiday when you’re the boss, a little time out is incredibly important and can be very beneficial, both to you and the business. So, how do you enjoy some well-earned R&R, and make sure your business is still ticking along without you?


Work On The Business, Not In It 

This is one of the favourite lines from business coaches everywhere, but we’re using it today in a different context. Learning how to spend time working on your business instead of working in it is a natural predecessor to being able to leave the business for a holiday. Working on your business requires you to not be focussed on delivery and client facing, and instead delegate that work, or find ways to manage your workload so that you can have time without those jobs. If you can do this effectively, then you have taken the first big step to giving yourself the space to step away from the business without it all collapsing around you.


Adaptation, Delegation & Ownership

If you’re like a lot of business owners, then your approach will probably fall into one of two styles – ‘largely hands-off’ or ‘seriously hands-on’. That’s not uncommon, especially for a micro business. Both of these approaches have their place, but if you’re looking to step away from your business for any length of time. Teaching your employees (and yourself) how to adapt to changes in the market and the business with confidence, knowing how to delegate tasks to employees (before you go away) and giving your employees ownership of their role in the business are all critical to ensuring your business runs smoothly without you. By embracing these three things, you create an empowered and confident workforce that won’t feel the need to come to you with every trivial problem or question that comes their way, This goes for outsourcers too!


Get Clarity On Your Processes

When the owner steps away for a holiday, they will often leave an employee or an outsourced assistant in charge of the business. But consider this – how much of your business procedures, policies and general ‘this is how we do things’ information is actually written down? Or is it (more likely) all in your head? A good way to make sure your business can run without you while you relax is getting everything down on paper, and sharing it with the people who will be stepping into your shoes. That’s everything from how salaries are paid to how to get into the email servers, how to manage a client account and where to find forms and paperwork.

Take Advantage Of Technology 

One of the great things about the digital age is that you don’t have to be sitting in front of a computer to keep your social media and marketing efforts going. In fact, no one even needs to know that you’re not working! The technology exists that allows you to pre-plan your marketing activities, and schedule them to happen in the future. Before you go away, carve out some time to pre-write your marketing messages for all the platforms you use. You can then use a tool like Hootsuite, Buffer or Sprout Social to schedule and post social updates automatically during your time away. Automating key tasks like this gives you the confidence to step away from your desk without work piling up while you’re away. Your social media presence will still run like clockwork, your marketing messages will still be delivered, and you can enjoy cocktails on the beach without worrying!


At 10-12, this is the kind of topic we discuss in our breakout groups at every meeting. As female entrepreneurs and business owners, we are always looking for ways to support and improve our businesses and each other. If you would like to know more, or to visit us at a meeting, just get in touch (or book your place here). We look forward to seeing you! Now, where did I put that mojito?