Fabulous Speakers and Presentations in Berkshire


Fabulous Speakers and Presentations in Berkshire

This month at the 10-12 Business Club we have been treated to some fabulous speakers at each of our events. We kicked off the tail end of this month at Maidenhead with a presentation by Abi Woolhouse from Stratagem IPM on Trade Marks and Copyright. Abi covered the different types of work that could be considered under the copyright law and pointed out the pitfalls in not considering ownership of copyright. It certainly made us all think about what we do in a day to day basis in our working day. If you missed this excellent presentation, don’t worry, it was so good she will be back to do another presentation for the Marlow group in May.

jacky-bloomfield-1364382515-logo1Our Reading Meeting continued with another great presentation on the issues when using images and copyright laws. Jacky Bloomfield of M and J Bloomfield gave a great insight on how to use other peoples images and how to respect their copyright. If you need to know more about using other peoples images, then Jacky Bloomfield  is the person to contact.

Images are often shared through social media, but just make sure you know what copyright applies to that particular and comply where necessary to avoid a charge for using the image.


Alix HorneOur Marlow meeting continued the theme as we had Alix Horne of Amax Designs for her very interesting presentation on ‘The Essence of Logo Design’. Alix walked us through the process of choosing a logo and how a designer creates the logo design from the brief given. If you have never gone through the process of choosing a logo, then Alix provided some great tips and feedback on what to do and what to take into consideration.

Alix walked us through a design that she had created for a client, taking the concept of black and white into the chosen colors and eventually the final logo. A long, detailed process that provided the perfect results for the client.


erin_KurtTo top off the month Erin, Kurt of Erin, Kurt gave a great presentation “Personal Branding” on the image that you project to those that you meet including . Erin talked about the way that we displayed our personalities at networking events, online, in social media and gave some tips and pointers to consider for our own business image.

A great insight into just some of the things that a business coach can help you to achieve. For more information, contact Erin, Kurt



If you would like to present at one of the 10-12 Business club Meetings we would love to hear from you. Contact Karen Livingstone for more details on availability to present to our business groups.