Networking Success – The Value Of Visitors

Visitor Month Network Meetings

Networking Success – The Value Of Visitors

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Visitors Month in the networking world means nothing to you if you have not tried networking, BUT it should as this is the best time to visit a networking group as you wont be the only one new attending that day and there are often offers available to sign up and join.   That said, it’s visitor’s month at the 10-12 Business Club – Networking for Women in Business this May, which means an opportunity to meet lots of new smiling faces all keen to branch out into a new world of networking, collaborating and growing your business. At the 10-12 Business club, We are always looking for new people to join any of our groups and are dedicated to helping independent business owners to expand their networking circles. Not only that, but our existing members also look forward to visitors month as they will also benefit from new people visiting the groups, as this helps expand their potential client base and build new relationships. If you are a member of the 10-12 Business Club and are still not sure why you should bring a visitor along to your home network meeting group this month, read on as there are a few good reasons to consider.

A Wider Referral Network

Expand network contacts Networking is all about creating a network of people who, you can rely on to get business done. That could be, them referring customers to you, you referring customers to them or even asking them if they know someone who does X. But if your referral networking is only the members of your group, there is a point when this will stagnate or run dry. By inviting visitors along to a group, who then may become members, you are widening your network with fresh new faces who can contribute to the group in their own way. You are also helping fellow business owners to expand their contacts and explore new ideas and business tips provided by the 10-12 Business club.

Fresh Faces Mean Fresh Customers

We all know the basic rule of networking is to never sell to the room, but sometimes that does happen. When it does it is a great feeling, because you are able to help and support another member in their business. New visitors may be potential new members, but they can also turn into new customers or suppliers for any of the members there. A new visitor may just offer a service or product that you have been looking for or wanting for a long time or they may indeed know someone that they will be able to refer your services or products!

New Substitute Opportunities

1-2-1 MeetingsWe all know that sometimes things in life just happen and you need to change your schedule to accommodate whatever has popped up. If this happens and you find yourself unable to make a meeting, you can arrange for a substitute to go in your place. This allows you to make the most of the meeting without actually being there by tailoring your 40 seconds to tell members exactly what you are looking for that month. Of course you could ask another member to do this for you, but by inviting a visitor to make your pitch you are helping them and everyone else in the group by presenting a new business owner to connect with. You never know where an opportunity might lie, and by introducing someone new you are opening up the possibilities for new connections, alliances and friendships to be made.

Bigger Groups Are Better Groups

A visitor is one more person in the group, increasing the numbers and changing the dynamic of the group. If every member brought along just 1 visitor, that would double the number of people in the meeting and drastically change the dynamic. Visitors give groups energy and life, and ensure that members are on top of their game. Members will take more care with their presentations and give more information to visitors who might not be able to ask them questions week on week. Participation in discussions is better and the general mood and dynamics improves in the room with more people there, creating this energised and electrifying environment where ideas can exchange and business done.

10-12 Business Club MeetingsSo for our members, we challenge you this month to bring along another business woman who you think might benefit from a new networking group. If you have never been to a 10-12 meeting before, check out our meeting venues and book yourself a place to come along! Our meeting format and agenda is available here so you can be sure you are prepared and ready for whatever we throw at you. We are all very friendly and can’t wait to meet you. You can book your place here and we hope to see you soon.