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Dreams for your future

What are your dreams for your future?

Unlike me at her age, my daughter is not really a dreamer for the future if I ask her. She is very much about the here and now and even though a part of me wants to hear her talk about her dream job (knowing that it will change), I actually like the independence that she shows in not being under pressure to talk about growing up.

As a child, one of my dreams was to work in Africa saving animals, partly influenced by watching the Diane Fossey story in Gorillas in the Mist and others like it. Back then, before the days of social media, if you wanted to help a cause, you went out and got involved, you couldn’t make a difference in the world via facebook and perhaps you still can’t. I still hold on to that dream a little, perhaps one day I might go to Africa for a time when my daughter no longer needs me quite as much and offer my services to an animal charity.

Our Dreams May Have Changed

Our dreams may have changed since we were little as our responsibilities have grown, what’s the dream that gives you the reason to get up, work hard and do what you need to do in your career or for your loved ones every day?

  • Retire early?
  • Get a better work/life balance?
  • See more of the world?
  • Spend more time with or caring for your loved ones?
  • Buy that holiday home or move abroad?

Is this just a dream or are you making the plans that you need now to help this to become a reality?

Saving for The Future

When we are in our 20’s or 30’s it can be easy to not look too far into the future while we are busy focusing on the financial demands of the here and now, juggling work and family life and the additional living costs at this time. For many, this is the reality, well into our 40’s with big mortgages and low disposable incomes. Saving for the future seems impossible. In our 50’s, some have managed to get to point when we can start seriously planning for our future though the task ahead of them to achieve that dream can seem quite daunting at that time.

Savvy Choices with Your Spending & Borrowing

Whatever stage of life you are at, savvy choices with your spending & borrowing can help you to make your dreams a reality sooner than you think. Planning for your future in other ways such as protecting your income and family, can help you to cope better with the curve balls that life may throw at you. It’s not too late to start. We want our clients to have fun, be happy and spend quality time with loved ones with the peace of mind in knowing that your finances are in order, you have a financial plan for the future and your family will be provided for during some of the more difficult life events that can happen. If you know or think you need help in all or any of these areas to make your financial future more certain, please get in touch with me or your local Evolution for Women Adviser and see how we can help you.


Do You Listen to Music at Work?

prsformusiclogoI wonder how many of you have ever considered whether you need a music license to play music whilst you are at work? So many small businesses have the radio on in the background as something to break the silence of an office environment. When I ran my holiday car hire call centre, we used to have it on in the background to pick up any breaking news that might have happened that day, such as on 9/11. On that day, we at least knew why our phones stopped ringing! But should I have had a license for this? I had never considered it as a business owner until I took a call the other day….

Whislt working away in my office, in the middle of a website build, the telephone rang.  Rather than let it go to answering machine, I answered it. First mistake of this telephone call!  A rather pleasant young girl asked me if I had a few moments to answer some questions. I’d just done a telesales campaign myself and was feeling the love for that role so said yes as long as it’s a few minutes. So the call went like this;

Caller – Do you have members of the public in your office?

Me – No

Caller – Do you play music in your office?

Me – No

Caller – Do you listen to the radio in your office?

Me – Sometimes

Caller – How long have you been at your premises?

Me – Oh just moved here last year. (I would point out I was pleased I didn’t get this call last year as the answer would have been oh 10 years)

Caller – Well I can tell you that you require a license to play the radio in your office and I will get an invoice raised for you today. You have 30 days to pay it and if you don’t we add interest!

Me – Er What how did that happen?

Caller – It’s the law and you have to pay!

As you can imagine the conversation went on a little longer but in the end I was told the invoice was on its way and I had to pay. True to her word it arrived a couple of days later for the grand sum of 145.31

The charge was for the time that I had said I had been at my office and for the following year plus VAT. I have since learnt a lot about PRS and PPL and my only advice to you would be; get a license if you are more than 1 person working in your office with music playing in the background, or if you have customers that come into your premises where you play music. If you are a sole trader working alone with no visitors whilst your music is on then you are fine. I have been promised a refund as I work alone so should never have been invoiced in the first place. For more information on PPL see online or to determine if you need a license to listen to music see online information on the PRS license