Membership Details for the 10-12 Business Club

Ascot Networking for womenBy joining the 10-12 business club you will gain access to all our monthly meetings and pop-up events that we run in the local area. At the 10-12 Business Club, we do not restrict the number of members from each profession as we believe that competition is healthy and often similar businesses to yourself can collaborate together on larger projects. However, we do restrict multi-level marketing representatives to one per group of the same company in order for those individuals to benefit from there membership.

We also don’t believe in making you attend the same meeting every month, variety is the spice of life, so join a homegroup and then get out each month to meet different people at the other monthly meetings and events. Or get the most out of your membership and attend more than one meeting or event each month.

The cost of annual membership to the 10-12 business club is kept as low as we possibly can as we are here to offer networking opportunities to our fellow business owners and are not running the club as our main business to make money. So have a read below at the competitively priced membership offer for the 10-12 Business Club.

  • Annual membership which runs from the 1st of January each year until the 31st of December is just £65 plus a standing order of £12.50 month to cover the meeting fees for your home group. You may also attend monthly meetings pay as you go at any of our groups at a charge of £13 per meeting. There is no restriction on the number of meetings you can attend, nor is there a minimum amount of meetings that you must attend.
  • Visitors may visit twice at a cost of £16 per meeting.