How Collaboration Can Strengthen Your Business

How Collaboration Can Strengthen Your Business

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If you run a small business, you probably already know that it can be lonely sometimes. Isolating, even. Working by yourself has a lot of upsides, but there are downsides too. Luckily, there are some simple, easy ways to combat those downsides, that will not only provide you with companionship, but also a boost in productivity for your business too. Collaboration is proving key to the success of many businesses across the UK, and it could help strengthen your business too. If you’re not sure how, we have 4 reasons for you:

Encourage Innovation


Collaboration opens up a wide new range of possibilities for businesses looking to innovate. By working with other business owners, you can discover new ideas, see new ways of solving problems and develop solutions that put you head and shoulders above the competition. It can also be a proving ground for trying new ideas that you perhaps wouldn’t feel confident trying out otherwise. It’s important to take measured risks in business, and collaboration allows space for that to happen. Collaborative working can also open up new ways of thinking, enabling further opportunities and new directions to take in the future.


Increase Productivity


Working collaboratively can do wonders for the productivity levels of you, and others you’re working with. If you’re working with colleagues, team building or group participation tasks can help identify common goals and build a healthy competition and rapport. If you’re working on your own, then getting together to talk and work collaboratively with other like-minded business owners can leave you feeling energised and ready to get good work done. And by bringing together left and right-brained thinkers, you will be able to come up with new and exciting solutions to your problems, powering you forward.


Provides Positive Change


Making big changes to the way you operate can be uncomfortable. You have to be willing to disrupt yourself, to change up old patterns and try something new to move forward as a business. Change can make your work processes more efficient, save you money and time, and even improve your own outlook on your work. Collaborating with others will help you do all of this, and better – it will make you excited to do it.


Create Partnerships


Collaboration also allows you to take advantage of the expertise of others. Working collaboratively means that all parties involved can capitalise on the skills and resources of other people. Cross-skills learning is particularly fruitful in the same way. It helps you to have a broader understanding of other practices and areas of business that you aren’t familiar with, helping build the overall strength of your business. It can even open up the possibility of forming potential partnerships that could bolster your offerings and provide more value to your customers.


At 10-12, collaboration is what we’re all about. That’s why our meetings are structured to provide not only networking, but education and the chance for collaboration through presentations and 1-2-1’s during the meeting. And we love seeing our members work and collaborate together on new and exciting projects. For more information, or to get in on the action, just get in touch with the team or book your visit today.