My boss made out with a mop. It’s always the quiet, serious ones.

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My boss made out with a mop. It’s always the quiet, serious ones.

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Office Christmas Parties

My boss made out with a mop?! Really what an odd thing to do, you may think but then add the fact that it was at the office Christmas party and it may all make sense as to why this statement was made. Every year there are people wake up, the morning after their office Christmas party hoping that by some chance overnight they have changed jobs, moved cities and have a complete new identity. Has that ever been you?
christmas lunchAs solo traders or Solopreneurs (the trendy description) we don’t have that consideration to worry about as the days of Christmas office parties disappeared along with the long chats at the coffee station. so what do solopreneurs do for their Christmas parties? Or do they just become bah humbug and not bother any more with the passing comment “its only another day!”
I must say that this was the case when I first started working for myself and had no staff and no-one to share the office party festivities, and I did miss that office party ritual the first year in business. In later years I had staff and we did lots of different events each year to make it more interesting, from cheap flights to Barcelona one year (yes we did the Ryan air cheap flights for only 50p to Barcelona for the Christmas party!) to mug painting in the office with drinks and food at the local restaurant. Whatever we did they all had a common theme, having fun and letting our hair down for a few hours without the mention of work or deadlines. And guess what? Team work improved, harmony and work ethos were great in the office and all down to some time out together.
Christmas GiftsThat is why at the 10-12 Business Club we work hard to organise a great Christmas party meal for members and non members to come and join together for one lunch and recreate that feeling of the office Christmas Party. Obviously for a lunch there is no heavy drinking and amorous events with mops or any other piece of cleaning equipment! But we do have a lot of fun with party games, great conversation with as many people as possible due to our chair swapping and of course a fabulous venue with excellent service and food.
All these things together make the perfect office Christmas Party and I know for sure there will be a few collaborations and sales take place after this event as that’s what great networking brings creates for all its visitors. If you don’t believe me, just read one of the testimonials from our Christmas Lunch yesterday.

business networking gifts

Thank you so much for organising Christmas lunch today.It was great, with a lovely mix of ladies, Proseco and good food!
I am delighted with my secret Santa gift - The Daily Hunk - and my scarf - stolen twice before I finally got it!
What a great day!
Well done to you.

Sue Hill - UWDC Christmas Lunch December 18, 2015

If you haven’t tried the 10-12 Business club yet, get in touch and consider making it a date for the New Year, 2016

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