Network Hot Seating – The How, What And Why

network hot seating

Network Hot Seating – The How, What And Why

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Network Hot Seating may sound like a dangerous activity but it can actually be very rewarding for you and your business! However, it’s often an activity that few people know about or understand the power of it when you are a member of a networking group.

Network Hot Seating should be the ideal solution for busy business owners that can’t make their usual monthly meetings, whether that’s due to family commitments or extra workload. Often members will simply choose not to visit their group, which is fine but if several members of the same group choose to take the same approach the regular busy groups are diminished with lower than normal attendees. This could mean that meetings between July and September have low numbers, which is quite disappointing for everyone. But instead of holding tiny meetings or cancelling, there is a process in place that means you can enjoy the benefits of your membership without having to leave the poolside. It’s called Network hot seating.

What Is Network Hot Seating? 

Network Hot seating is a really simple concept. If a member discovers she can’t make it to her normal meeting for any reason (life happens, business gets busy, the list of reasons goes on), then she can send a hot seat in her place. This hot seat acts as your substitute in the meeting, reading out your 60 second pitch and any other information you supply them with. In return, your hot seater gets to visit the meeting free of charge, network, participate in the workshops and read out their own 60-second pitch. That’s all there is to it.

 What Do Members Get Out Of It? 

For members, network hot seating is a great way to get value out of your membership, even when you can’t be there in person. Rather than sending an apology and not being represented at all, a hot seater will be able to remind the group of what you do, what value you offer and who you are looking to connect with. This means that, while you miss out on the extra bits of the meeting, you are still visible to the members in the room. Network Hot Seating is also a great way to visit other groups and meet members there while ensuring that the member you’re hot seating for is still represented. So if you want to visit another group, find out if there is a member there who needs a hot seat, and fill it. Similarly, other members can hot seat for you, giving everyone the chance to visit other groups and get the most out of their membership.

Don’t Forget Your Visitor

Of course, the person you ask to hot seat for you gets some great benefits too. They are invited warmly into a room full of business women eager to meet them, and get to experience networking at its best. Our members are always looking for new people to help out, so hot seaters in the room are a fantastic opportunity for both the members and the visitors. You can invite another member from a different meeting to come and hot seat for you, but to get the best for your visitor, you should try and choose someone who has never experienced 10-12 before. This means they can visit the group at no cost to them, see the benefits and potentially join up, all without any pressure or obligation.

So How Do I Arrange A Hot Seat?

If you know you can’t be at a meeting, or you want to visit another group that meets on the same day, arranging a hot seat is a simple process. All you need to do is reach out to your network and find someone who would like to come along to substitute for you on the day. Hot seating is free, as they are taking up your place, so it’s not too hard to find someone interested in free networking! Once you have someone to come along, just get in touch with your meeting leader and let them know. That’s it!

At 10-12 Business Club we believe that to get the most out of a networking group, you need to be present at every single meeting. But we do understand that sometimes business, or life, gets in the way, and it’s not possible to make everyone. By providing a hot seat to take your place, you are ensuring that your business is still in everyone’s minds, so you can get the benefit even if you aren’t there. You are also giving back to your hot seater, who will be able to see the benefits of 10-12 first hand. So hopefully we will see some more hot seating and new faces in the months to come! For more information, or to let us know about a potential hot seater, just get in touch.