Why Women’s Networking Works

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Why Women’s Networking Works

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This February has certainly been important for all the women out there. Not only has it been International Women’s Week, but the 6th of February marked 100 years since women won the right to vote. So in the spirit of women’s empowerment, we wanted to do a post all about women, networking, and women’s networking and why womens networking works!

The Value Of Networking

In today’s ever-growing digital world, customers are becoming more invested in the people they buy from. Gone are the days when the company name mattered – now it’s all about trusting and liking the people you work with. Trusted referrals are almost at the level of currency, and networking is how we build that trust. We asked Issy, 10-12 co-founder and owners of 2 successful businesses, why she thought networking was so important:

“Having worked for myself for over 20 years, the one thing that has always worked for my business is networking. Whether it is in a social or business format, meeting new people is always good for your business. You never know who that person knows or who they could introduce you to that might just help you grow your business. The 10-12 Business Club offers so much more as not every time you network will you gain a sale, so we introduced the breakout sessions, the presentations and the 1-2-1’s from these three interactions I always come away from every meeting having learned something. Each meeting always leaves me feeling highly motivated which is what any good networking event should do.”

You can find out more about Issy, and how she can help you grow your business (with networking, and with a great website) by clicking here.

Networking is now becoming a fundamental development and marketing exercise for many UK businesses. It is one of the single biggest driving forces behind SME growth and has already helped millions of people learn, grow and improve beyond what they could achieve alone. In short, We could rabbit on forever about the benefits, so instead why not just read this blog here.

But Why Only Women?

Now, there are a few different schools of thought on this one, so bear with us. There are some people who believe that women’s only groups are exclusionary by nature and that it is an affront to men’s rights to be included. And on paper, they are absolutely right. But the fact is, women’s spent years being excluded from the world of business, and we have been fighting to level the playing field ever since. And while women’s rights and equality have come a long way, the lack of female representatives at C-suite level just goes to prove the fact that the business world can still be a bit of a boys club. Even now, many mixed networking groups are still dominated by men, which can be incredibly intimidating as a woman starting out in business. It could even affect your confidence and your growth. So women’s networking was created. To give women everywhere a safe space to learn, collaborate and grow their businesses. A place where they can share the common and unique difficulties women’s face in business, and empower each other to succeed without judgment. We’ve talked before about the birth of women’s networking in our blog, here. In fact, Lauren MacPhail, one of the biggest advocates of women-only networking, said of women’s only groups:

 “[women’s groups] allow those new to the industry to meet women in leadership and find mentors to guide them as well as finding new business and partnership opportunities. They help everyone grow.”

At 10-12, we believe in creating these supportive, nurturing environments for all women business owners and future leaders. That’s why we’ve set up our meetings across the South, in the format that we have. So instead of ‘just’ networking, our members can benefit from brainstorming sessions, training and workshops during the meetings, as well as your ordinary networking time. To find out more, or experience it yourself, just click here to arrange your visit. Come give it a try, we know that womens networking works, it just does.