How to be heard in the Noise of Christmas

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How to be heard in the Noise of Christmas

Christmas time is such a noisy time in every household. Its hard to be heard in the Noise of Christmas. Everyones” calendars are rammed with things to do, people to go see and thing to buy! Time seems to fly by at this time of year. As a small business owner, it can be hard to be heard amongst all this noise. So how can you do it without looking like you are just trying to sell sell sell!

Read on for our top 5 tips for the business owner to be heard in the Noise of Christmas.

  1. Send an email marketing campaign with your top tips of items to buy relevant to your industry. This could mention other local business owners that sell items relevant to your industry. Dog groomers could send an email with top tips for dog accessories, jackets, leads and toys for example. Accountants could suggest stationery companies where customers can buy calendars, post-it notes and other items that will help them collate their business accounts.

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  2. Change your social media profiles to show your festive spirit. This could be a specifically designed Christmas logo or an image of you (and your staff) dressed as an elf or father Christmas. Think about creating a specific Christmas message in a video for your Facebook (and or other social media profiles) Header image. There are lots of options out there so plan ahead and be ready to show your Christmas side socially.

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  3. Optimise your local search in Google to adapt to those searches people are making specific to Christmas. Think of items you offer or sell that might be good as Christmas presents and advertise those ready for a Christmas search to be displayed. This could be good for beauty therapists that offer vouchers where they can create adverts in local search specific to the vouchers for Christmas.

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  4. Support a local charity and use this to connect with your customer base. Offer a donation to the charity for a certain amount if your customers purchase from you between now and x date.  Explain your reasons for supporting the charity and if personal add your story. People buy from people and sharing a story will help your customers to connect with you on a deeper level.

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  5. Run a Christmas campaign with a prize. Think of an affordable prize for your company and encourage customers to do something and share on your social media profiles using a specific hashtag. Make a big announcement of the winner of the prize and why you have chosen them to win.  Use all your social media channels to generate interest in your competition and include text, images and video. Consider getting involved with another business or businesses to offer the competition to your customers.

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    The 10-12 Business Club is a networking club that meets monthly in a fun and friendly format. Our meetings help local business owners to meet and network together, sharing information and building relationships resulting in business referrals.  If you would like to hear more about the 10-12 Business Club get intouch today or book on to attend one of our meetings.

Small Business Marketing Budget

What to do with my small business marketing budget?

Dorreen Gowing hypnotherapy maidenheadI can’t say it is my waking thought. Yet, I’m sure there are those who believe it would serve me well if it was. While it’s not my favourite part of running my own business I have learnt that resisting it is indeed futile. I accept it doesn’t matter how good a product or service is if no one knows about it then no one can benefit from it. So, when I launched my business back in 2010 I set out in search of ‘what shall I do with my marketing budget?’

Networking face to face was one of the first things I did. Taking what I now consider to be good advise. ‘Don’t pay for membership of any networking group until you visit a number of them a few times.’ That’s exactly what I did, week after week.  Considering myself fortunate as I enjoy meeting new people and feel comfortable in a room full of strangers, that was not my main challenge. My challenge was, ‘what is my purpose here?’ ‘how does it work?’ and ‘how do I decide which one if any to join?’

The bottom line is, when I strip away all ‘niceties’ the purpose of networking is to help grow my business. That it works by building relationships and trust among members, getting to know each other what is special about their business. The reality is despite all the social media in the world, people buy from people. The human race is slow to evolve really. Networking for me it is about being in a space where I feel safe to share challenges, safe to share knowledge and safe to create opportunities to grow.

When I first came across 10-12 Business Club two years ago it had just launched. Energy and enthusiasm was sky high. Every seat was full at every meeting, not because we had to be there rather because we wanted to be there.

I have renewed my membership because it still meets it’s number one purpose of helping grow my business. A close second is the fact that working on my own is challenging at times there is so much I do not know. Seats are still filled because we want to be there. Each meeting I come away wiser, inspired and motivated as a wealth of experience and ideas are shared.

It may not be my waking thought but it allows me to sleep peacefully that part of my marketing budget is spent on 10-12 Business Club.

Thank you all for your support over the years.

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