5 key elements to a thriving workspace

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5 key elements to a thriving workspace

Redesign your office to make it work for you

1. Location, location, location: Choosing the right spot for your workspace is your number one priority, the place where your business can start growing. Look for a space that you feel good in, that has as much natural day light and can be used only by you. Once you find the best suited space, take its measurements and make a simple plan to see how best to accommodate all the furniture you need. Remember, nothing is set in stone, if you feel after a while that something isn’t working try a different arrangement until you nail it.

2. Are you sitting comfortably? There are two major things to consider when looking for a desk and a chair, the first is where you position them and the second is their ergonomics.
When you plan the position of your desk, ask yourself these questions: what am I facing, what is behind me and can I see who comes in and out of the space.
As for the ergonomics of the desk and chair, check size, height and comfort. Once these are sorted you can pay attention to style and colour.

3. There is never too much storage… True, but how do you store everything?
The rule states: the more you use it the more close and visible it needs to be and vice versa. Think what kind of storage is best suited for the type of item you need to store (the fewer actions you need to do the tidier the work space will be). Look for creative solutions that are easy to manage and are beautiful as well as functional.

4. Let there be light! Even the sunniest space ends up dark at the end of the day and we need to turn on the electrical lighting. A good lighting plan enables us to work on all hours and no matter what the weather is outside. Place direct lighting above working surfaces (tables, counters) and make sure you have enough overall light in the room. When you position a light check that you do not cast your own shadow on your work surface.

5. Inspiration is more important than knowledge. are you being inspired when you are in your workspace? Do you surround yourself with images and quotes that uplift you?
Make your workspace as unique and as beautiful as you!

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