What is blogging now 2015


What is blogging now 2015

What is blogging in 2015

Have you ever wondered why people blog and when do they get the time? More so what on earth do they say?
Well there are many reasons that you should blog and one of the key ones is that “off site” optimisation makes up for 50% of your websites ranking in the search engines. If you still need help with any of these terms you may wish to consider my latest training course for 2015, Search Engine Optimisation for Beginners.
So what does that exactly mean?
Well google has its algorithm (the code it uses to search the internet) and part of that code says, “hey spiders, crawlers or robots (you pick which one you like) go check out this site and see what optimisation it has done online in its actual site, and THEN go spend the other 50% of you time checking out what it does off line! Now if you don’t do any social media or any blogging then your site only has a 50% chance of getting a good ranking. So if that’s the case what can you blog about and how do you find time to do it?

Finding time to blog

Finding time to blog is one of the hardest things for a business owner, especially if you have no idea what to write or when to write it. then again that is not true, if you were given 10 minutes with a potential customer, or even 5 minutes, you would most certainly use over 200 words to tell them all about you and your business. So it shouldn’t be that difficult?! But if you are still thinking nope can’t think of anything to write, then consider using other peoples work as inspiration.
Here is one example that I came across which made me laugh and all of a sudden so many more blogs were coming to my mind that I could write for other clients. See if anything springs to mind for you.

Quitting the service industry and 16 reasons why

My main reason for quitting the service industry would be the weekends are no longer your own and that Saturday becomes the new Monday! Hell no I hate Mondays!!!

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