Terms and Conditons

Terms & Conditions

10-12 Business Club Networking for women business owners in the Thames Valley area

Website Terms and Conditions

The 10-12 Business Club may update the T&C’s of this website at any time without notice to you the user, however by using the 10-12 Business Club Website you are subject to the following Terms and Conditions:


Any female business owner is welcome to attend any of our 10-12 Business Club meetings without membership to a maximum of 2 visits per year. If you wish to visit more than twice we have 2 membership options available to consider.

Membership of 10-12 Business Club

Any female business owner can apply to The 10-12 Business Club to join their local group. The 10-12 Business Club do reserve the right to deny or cancel any membership or deny access to any of its events if they feel the applicant company is unsuitable for the business club.

Membership Charges

All membership charges are clearly displayed on our application form and on the website https://www.10-12businessclub.co.uk/application-form-business-networking
Our fees are reviewed annually in the month of December each year and any changes are advised to members and our website is updated to reflect these changes in fees

How to Pay for your 10-12 Business Club Membership

The joining fee is paid at the time of completion of the membership form and payment sent by BACs to the bank details as listed on the application form. This fee is non-refundable and covers the period of that year until the 31st of December.
The new membership year will commence on the 1st of January each year and notice to renew will be sent to you in the month of December.

Attendance Fees for Meetings

Our attendance fees for our monthly meetings are displayed on our application and website. At time of completion of the application form a standing order should be set up for the monthly fee and should run for the period of that year. You may attend additional meetings or events and do sp by booking your place online and sending payment in the manner requested.

Member attendance

To get the most out of your membership and to keep the group at its maximum number of members we require you to attend every meeting. However, we do understand that this is not always possible and that on occasion you may need to miss a meeting.
We offer all our members the ability to swap to another group if they give a minimum of 7 days notice in writing to either of the Co-founders Karen Livingstone or Issy Wiggins-Turner. If you cannot make alternative meetings then we do request that you offer your place to another business owner as a hot seat.
Karen or Issy will assist in finding a hot seat if you cannot offer your space to ensure that the group numbers are not affected by your absence from the meeting.

Blocking our Professions

At the 10-12 Business Club, we believe people buy from people, therefore, we do not block out any professions and therefore allow multiples of the one profession to our groups.

Cancellation of Membership

We understand that situations change and often the full membership may not be possible. We review all requests to cancel before the end of the year and these must be done so in writing, no refund is due on your joining fee and only in exceptional cases will the remaining monthly meeting fee be waived.


A copy of our privacy policy is displayed on our website and can be found here https://www.10-12businessclub.co.uk/privacy-policy/ At all times we act in accordance with the UK Data Law and do not pass on your details to third parties.

The content of this website

Any content on this website is owned by the 10-12 Business Club and permission of use of any of the documents or images must be sought.
We take care to ensure that all the information on this site is correct and truthful at time of entry and will not be held responsible for any information that is viewed as incorrect.
Our images and documents may be used on receipt of a written request to hello@10-12businessclub.co.uk if we deem the usage to be to the benefit of our organization.
This site will not be used for any unlawful usage including junk mail, spamming, defamatory or obscene content and will furthermore not publish posts or upload any such material.
Where we offer links to third parties on this site we do so at the time as a link to further information on an article that we deem to be useful. If these links change at any time we do not take responsibility for any changes that may have been made since our link was placed.